From Brokenness to Bliss

by Greg Alexander

Greg Alexander, a member of Shrine of St. Padre Pio Council 13704 in San Antonio, Texas, and his wife, Julie, are pictured with their five youngest children. All five children were born after Greg’s vasectomy reversal in 1999. Photo by Josh Huskin The 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae might not mean a lot to you, but it means […]

Keeping Christmas Simple and Stress-Free

By Julie Alexander

Life is busy during the Holidays, and this is typically the most stressful time for couples. Sadly, we receive more calls after the Holidays than at any other time of the year. When we are supposed to be “together” and enjoying family, the stress of the time together seems to be magnified by busyness. We […]

Love Like Jesus

by Greg Alexander

There used to be a time when we would ask, “What is God’s plan for marriage?” and we would be met with the deer in the headlights stare. Now, when asked, without hesitation, people shout out – To get each other to heaven. To which I respond, “How do we do that?” And the dear in […]

I Lost Control

by Julie Alexander

When I bought into the lie that I would gain my freedom through controlling my fertility yet I experienced a slow imprisonment that thwarted my ability to be open even to be loved.  I felt used, and dirty and cheap which resonated into the depths of my soul.  Very confused I lost myself in the […]

You Child’s Marriage Preparation

Greg & Julie - Marriage Moment

I, in all honesty, don’t know how far back it goes, but to my knowledge, we, in the Catholic Church, wave our proud banner in the air that we conduct marriage preparation.  However, the divorce rate isn’t significantly different in the Catholic Church in comparison to other denomination or the secular world for that matter.  This, […]

We Were Killing Our Kids

by Julie Alexander

  As parents, we have a huge responsibility when it comes to raising our children. We provide food for their nourishment, a home to live in, and clothes for their bodies. We shower them with gifts to demonstrate our love; we spend countless hours in practices to give them the opportunity to experience the various […]

St. Raphael Pray for Our Marriage

Marriage Moment

How sad it is that many couples are not seeking help from the Church when they find themselves going through difficult times in their marriage.  Lately, we’ve been hearing about couples not even going to family for help or support.  In fact, they are divorcing first and then informing their families of their actions, after the divorce is […]