Is There a Leak in Your Foundation?

by Greg Alexander



Julie and I recently had a leak in a water line in our home.  We knew there was a leak because you could hear this consistent sound of water running, as if the water hose was left on, throughout the house.  Of course, we checked everywhere outside for this leak but to no avail.  As a result, we had to call a professional leak detection service; Yeah I know, just the sound of the name produced dollar signs in my mind.  Well, in about an hour and $575.00 later the master plumber detected the location of the leak and identified where the manifold is located, as demonstrated in the image.  So, the fix included turning off the water supply to the house and to cut each line in the manifold, cap it, turn the water back on to see if the right line was selected that contained the leak.

So, the plumbers came out today and cut through the drywall to expose the manifold.  My darling bride took it upon herself to remove the tile from the wall under the counter.  For which I am grateful, because it saved about an hour and a half of labor time for the plumber.  Man, this guy was good and hit the jackpot on his first cut; which was good for us because they charge by the hour.  He could also tell, after investigation, that the leak was a big one, as a result of it leaking over an extended period of time.  That’s what happens when you have a small leak that goes unnoticed and left to get bigger and bigger and bigger until there is a full-blown emergency.  Long story short, three hours later we had the line fixed and water restored.

So, how many of you have a leak or leaks in your marriage that you have not noticed and left them unattended?  I know from our many years of work that divorce doesn’t happen overnight, it happens little by little, when no attention is given to the little issues/problems in the marriage, and if left unchecked they escalate into something that seems impossible to fix.

First of all, we should be engaging in some sort of maintenance on our marriage every year to identify those potential leaks in our foundation.  Secondly, we must seek out assistance in patching those holes before they get bigger.  In order to assist you in evaluating your marriage, we have a self-administered marital survey for you to take.  This survey will help you to see where you are in your marriage, and, more importantly, to see if there are leaks to be fixed before you damage your foundation.  To receive the complimentary survey just fill out the request form on the top right-hand of the sidebar on the right side of the page of the website of gregnjulie.

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