I Was Blind But Now I See

Greg & Julie - Marriage Moment

Do you see the beauty and gifts that your spouse possess in your marriage?  Many times we don’t, or if we do, we fail to acknowledge them with our beloved.  When your spouse hears the words of affirmation, it provides a sense of security in the marriage like no other.  God sees the value in us, why not voice the value we see in each other.


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5 thoughts on “I Was Blind But Now I See

  1. Dear Julie&Greg,

    Thank you for your ministry!

    I’ve been divorced now for 3 years, going on 4 this June. I have been praying for divine guidance with this situation and believe that God had heard my prayer and directed me to you!

    I am going to do this exercise of appreciation for my ex spouse. Please keep our broken family in prayer. I will also remember you in my daily devotions.

    May Jesus, Mary & Joseph continue to be with you!!!


    • Christina, I am sorry to hear about your divorce. However, praying for your spouse is a great way to move toward a reconciliation, if that is possible. So many couple end in divorce because they never had the tools to live their marriage the way that God intended, and even if they do there are still no guarantees. Satan is relentless. We will add you to our prayer list as well! Amazed by His grace!

    • Jennifer, thank you for your kind words. We will do what we can to assist couples in having great marriages! Thanks for you assistance in this area as well.