Get Your Spouse to Heaven

Greg & Julie - Marriage Moment


  1. Are you a vehicle (e.g. supportive, helpful, understanding) or a roadblock (e.d. impatient, critical, unkind) in your spouse’s journey to heaven?
  2. When your spouse shows you a sign toward heaven (e.g. invite you to pray, is kind to you, helps you accomplish a task) do you receive this sign with open arms or do you reject them?
  3. When your spouse becomes a roadblock on your path to heaven, do you reach out and bring him/her back on the path to heaven or are you condemning in any way?

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Spouse to Heaven

  1. Don’t let “life” get between you and your life partner. Make time EACH DAY for each other. Complete each other… help each other… Listen to each other…

    • Walter, you are so right! The days just creep up on you if you’re not paying attention. Great advice and thanks for posting!