Thank You Husband. From, Me.

by Julie Alexander

Nervous and anxious I picked up the phone to let Greg know what I felt he needed to hear.   “I am so blessed to have you as my husband,” it was eerily quiet, and then he laughed. My thoughts were less than favorable, I assure you, as I recall thinking I would never do that again. In a matter of seconds, the same Holy Spirit that put it on my heart to say those words was challenging me again. As tears streamed down my face, my heart grew heavy, and I heard the words – it’s okay, he doesn’t know how to respond to a compliment.

I am so very proud of my husband and the man he has become. Just the other day a friend was introducing him to a priest, and the introduction was cut short when Father interrupted and said, “I have never met him, but I already know he is a good man. I saw him standing in line for confession last week, and he had his entire family with him.” Now, that was a huge compliment.

What an incredible gift, as he is not only concerned about his soul but well aware of his responsibility of leading us closer to God and taking us to the Sacraments to receive the graces we need.

Greg would probably admit that he didn’t have a model of a spiritual leader growing up and he has never used that as an excuse not to do the right thing. After hitting rock bottom, he got up, took responsibility for his failures and has done a tremendous job of learning what he needed to know to be the man, husband, and father God desires for him to be. I am so grateful to have him for life!

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