St. Raphael Pray for Our Marriage

Marriage Moment

How sad it is that many couples are not seeking help from the Church when they find themselves going through difficult times in their marriage.  Lately, we’ve been hearing about couples not even going to family for help or support.  In fact, they are divorcing first and then informing their families of their actions, after the divorce is final. We would assume that the thought of prayer never crossed their minds.  Many of the problems we experience in marriage is a result of the fact that we are not living marriage in accord with God’s plan.  ~ Greg & Julie



  1. Do you seek out the Church’s teaching to live out your marriage?  Check out the Catechism of the Catholic Church, starting with Article 7 – paragraph 1601.
  2. Examine your conscience today and identify 1 – 3 things you need to ask your spouse for forgiveness and do it!
  3. Have you thought of asking St. Raphael to intercede for your marriage?  If not, recite the prayer below or share it with someone in need.  I’m sure you know many who can use this prayer right now.


St. Raphael Prayer for Troubled Marriages

O Glorious St. Raphael, Archangel of healing, intercede for our marriage today.
Bring our marriage the same heavenly gifts you brought Tobias and Sarah, the celestial graces of healing, deliverance, and marital unity.

Infuse into our hearts the peace and confidence that nothing is impossible with God concerning the renewal of our marriage.  Rekindle in our marriage new forgiveness, new humility, new grace, new peace, new purity, new trust, and new love.

O St. Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the throne of God, intercede to the Merciful Father for the miracle of peace and reconciliation in our marriage, through the infinite merits of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the consoling power of the Holy Spirit.

O blessed Raphael, guide us on the pathway of marital peace and unity.  Most loving Archangel of healing, I believe in you, I trust in you, and I thank you.  Amen.


This prayer was taken from the Mother of All Peoples website.

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