Keeping Christmas Simple and Stress-Free

By Julie Alexander

Life is busy during the Holidays, and this is typically the most stressful time for couples. Sadly, we receive more calls after the Holidays than at any other time of the year.

When we are supposed to be “together” and enjoying family, the stress of the time together seems to be magnified by busyness. We put a lot of stress on each other and ourselves by trying to do too much.

Three ways to appreciate this season as a couple.  Gift giving doesn’t always have to be a gift you have to purchase; it can be the simple things in life.

1.) Time is the greatest gift we could give one another. Set a date to have a quiet evening together inside our own home. Get a good movie and pizza for the kids to watch and have the older ones watch the younger ones. Set the table with candles and either a prepared meal or pick something up to have to elevate the stress of cooking.

2.) Serve together as a couple. Find a family in your area who needs something that you can work together to provide for someone less fortunate. When we come together to go outside of ourselves and serve there is a certain grace that God gives to bring you closer together. This s also a great example for the children to witness.

3.) Adore the One, Who, we are celebrating. For Jesus’ birthday schedule a time to spend together in prayer and adoration. This gift of time together for The Savior of the World will allow you two to bring God into the midst of your relationship.

For this holiday one of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse is a better marriage. The process to a happier and stronger marriage is possible and does not have to be stressful. Greg and I offer an online course for your marriage and want to help you! Visit for more information.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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