I Lost Control

by Julie Alexander

When I bought into the lie that I would gain my freedom through controlling my fertility yet I experienced a slow imprisonment that thwarted my ability to be open even to be loved.  I felt used, and dirty and cheap which resonated into the depths of my soul.  Very confused I lost myself in the […]

We Were Killing Our Kids

by Julie Alexander

  As parents, we have a huge responsibility when it comes to raising our children. We provide food for their nourishment, a home to live in, and clothes for their bodies. We shower them with gifts to demonstrate our love; we spend countless hours in practices to give them the opportunity to experience the various […]

Stay in Your Lane

Deacon Stan Upah - Guest Poster

  A couple of years ago I was at a downtown celebration where I ran into a good friend of mine who also works in high school youth ministry and I asked him “how’s it going, how are you doing”? He said, “man, I’m just trying to keep it in my lane”. (Repeat); “I’m just […]

Marriage 411

Essential Elements of a Strong Catholic Marriage

Couples are more in need, now than ever before. With this being the 100th year of Fatima we are reminded of the words that the Blessed Mother revealed to Sr. Lucia, “the final Battle between Jesus and Satan will be against marriage and the family.” Couples are searching, and they as well as their parents […]

I Appreciate You

by Greg Alexander

Julie and I returned from presenting at the Theology of the Body Congress in Ontario, California on Sunday.  Before she could get her bags unpacked she was already preparing to leave again on Monday.  This time, she was joining her parents to visit her 102-year-old grandmother in Iowa.  Not that I needed this time alone […]