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2 thoughts on “Greg & Julie – Date Morning

  1. Greg and Julie, I love what you’re doing here! Mark and I will be posting something soon. But, I did want to say that, we too, have found mornings to be a great time to connect. Thank you for all that you do. OH, LOVE Magnolia Haus! We’ve double dated there with the DiMaio’s! Double dating is great, too!

    • Jennifer, thanks for your comment. You know, so many couples think that a “Date Night” must be just that – a date at night. Hey, take it as you can get it; especially if you have 5 little ones running around the house like we do. A bowl of ice cream with candlelight, after you put the kids to bed, is a good way to spend time together as well. However, that is the key word – SPEND TIME TOGETHER!